Vancouver Festivals Information will help you find information on multicultural festivals, food festivals, and neighbourhood festivals in Vancouver and the greater Vancouver area, BC. Vancouver Festivals Information will help you find information on festivals in Vancouver, BC.
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Steveston Salmon Festival

July 1, 2014

This Richmond festival features much more than a Salmon Barbecue and Chowder Contest. There is a Children's Festival, Craft Fair, Flower & Garden Show, Japanese Cultural Show, Trade Show, Martial Arts Demonstrations, Youth Festival, Midway and Rides, and a Garden Show.

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Canada Day

July 1, 2014

Canada's birthday will be marked by song, dance and fireworks. Celebrations will be held at several locations in the Lower Mainland, including Granville Island and Canada Place.
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 Festival of Contemporary Dance

July 3 - 12 2014

Come and watch some of Vancouver's finest contemporary dancers. the 23rd annual Dancing on the Edge festival (Click here for more info)

Vancouver Folk Festival

July 18-20, 2014

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The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is a world-renowned event in a spectacular venue, Jericho Beach Park, on English Bay with mountains and the sea as backdrop. Our Family Area provides activities for children and their adult companions. Food vendors and artists and artisans sell their wares. Over 1,200 volunteers join with an expert production and artistic staff to present over 100 performances during the Festival weekend. Associated events take place in the days before and after the Festival weekend. Make sure you book your accommodations and transportation early.

Below - a fans story

Come to think of it, I've measured out my life in folk festivals, and while I've got more folk festival memories than I can recall, there's one that sticks, that keeps returning to my mind's eye. Most of it, anyway. Details, I can't be sure. Was it 1993, when Shari Ulrich shared emcee duties with Bill Richardson? I don't know. You tell me. I like to think it occurred exactly at sunset, of course, but I may be embellishing. I do know it's been another blessed day at the folk festival, and here we are comfortably, shoulder to shoulder again, ensconced on our blankets, drifting along with the evening concert. We're between performers. We're yacking it up, chowing down, settling in. The murmur of our conversation merges with the hum of a big crowd of contented people.

There's a cool clear breeze moving onshore. I may have just this second swallowed the last of the annual cinnamon series of festival whales' tales.

Then, Shari Ulrich's up there. She's wearing something flowing, something that ripples in the light wind. I wish I could remember who backed her up. Was Joe Mock there? A surprise Pied Pumpkin reprise? Shari launches into Joe's song, "Fear of Flying." As she enters the first chorus, "Take me out of this space.." all eyes are drawn suddenly skywards - Shari looks up, too - there, just clearing the peak of the main stage, breast stroking in unison low across the blue-dark sky towards the setting sun, a perfect wedge of Canada geese. Wow. For a moment everything means a little more than it ever did before, and the whole thing comes "very close," as the poet says, "very close to the music of what happens."

Caribbean Days Festival

July 26-27, 2014

Caribbean Days Festival Vancouver

The Caribbean Days Festival is the Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC's annual feature event at Waterfront Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada. It is the largest annual cultural festival of its kind in the province of BC. Click here for Trinidad and Tobago society events)

The festival starts off with a parade at 10 A.M. on Saturday morning in North Vancouver and continues for two days with live music and food. There is no charge to attend. The event is open to the public and draws in the tens of thousands of people each year. This festival has an amazing track record of great weather and good times, reflective of its status as BC's premiere summer Caribbean gala. Alternative transportation is a good idea when attending this event, as parking is limited and fills fast. A good place for cruise ship passengers to stop for the day before the trek back to Seattle.

HONDACelebration of Light Festival

July 26, 30 & August 02, 2014

With great weather, great music, and great fireworks, this is Vancouver's largest festival. Held in English Bay, this international fireworks display attracts literally millions of onlookers annually. Click here for more information on the Celebration of Light Festival (Click here for more info)


Vancouver Lantern Festival

July 21, 2014

This festival is held by the scenic Trout Lake Park.


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